A Lot Of Ground (Update #4)

Written by gregdenham on May 6th, 2010

It’s been an incredible day!

In fact, we traveled more miles today in Israel than I ever traveled in one day.   

We began in Jerusalem and drove to Caesarea and Megiddo and Nazareth – and then spent time in Capernaum which is on the shore of the “Sea of Galilee”, all before 2:00 p.m.! After that we had a wonderful time at a baptismal sight in the Jordan River and then drove down the Jordan Valley to Jericho and then up to Jerusalem.

The first site that we visited was Caesarea, the capital of the Roman province of Judea. This meant that the Roman authority positioned itself in Caesarea. In fact ruins were found identifying that Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea and resided in Caesarea. It’s a port city with the presence of the Mediterranean Sea awakening your senses!

The city was named by “Herod the Great” after Caesar Augustus.

Today, it’s one of my favorite spots in Israel. Not only is it extraordinarily beautiful(see above Lily walking on beach  between the Governor’s palace at Caesarea and in the back-ground the port of Caesarea) but what first comes to mind is that the Apostle Peter visited a gentile man named Cornelius who made a commitment to follow Jesus!

The story is recorded in Acts 10 and what a story it is!

In short, it was a major turning point in Cornelius’ life as he came to faith in Christ, but it was also a turning point in Peter’s life as well. Jew’s just did not eat with non-Jews, not even would they enter a Gentile’s home. But the Lord was showing Peter otherwise and it proved to be a major turning point in church history and in Peter’s life some 10 years after the resurrection.

I like Kent Hughes’ remarks on this. He wrote, “Do we see those around us as potential heirs of grace? Do we view those who are different from us and who do things we do not approve as candidates for the kingdom? Our attitude makes all the difference. If we are anti-Semitic, we will never lead a Jew to Christ. If we have written off a relative, he or she may be written off for eternity. If we are elitists, most of the rest of the world will never experience grace through us. I like C.S. Lewis’ statement: “Next to the blessed sacrament, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses!”

God bless all of you! We are thinking and praying for you 🙂

We send our love from Jerusalem!

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  1. Jim Bobst says:

    Greg & Lily,
    Thanks for letting us all travel along side you. Say hello to David & Liz. Praying for safe & wonderful travel for you all. Wonderful time of fellowship Wednesday night.
    Jim Bobst

  2. Barbara Reed says:

    What a beautiful sea! I did hear that it is is very large. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it there, but I am with you and can see from your pictures and writings that that is the place I want to be. You are having the experience of a lifetime and sharing it with the rest of your family. Thank you for the reminder of not writing off relatives if they are not like me. I just need to put my sister in the hands of Jesus and leave her there. God bless and protect you and Lilly as you make your wonderful journey!

    Barbara Reed

  3. John Sears says:

    Wow! what a blessing!!!!

  4. Bill Spence says:

    Pastor Greg and Lily,
    I have thought about you, often over the last few days. You are both blessed to have this time together in Israel! Thank you for sharing some of your time with us as you are both a blessing in my life.

    God Bless you and enjoy!

    Spence Family

  5. Todd Brassfield says:

    Wow…great picture. Looks like you’re really having a great time and I know the weather has been fantastic. I hope Lily bagged up some of that sand for home. 🙂 Love you guys, see you soon

  6. Bob Sweat says:

    The history is amazing! Makes me want to go someday.

  7. Margaret Danzer says:

    Hi and much love to both of you,
    Thanks for sharing each day through your Blog. Isn’t modern technology something else? God’s in charge of it also just like our lives when we are in His will. Praying for you always and looking forward to seeing you in person.
    Feel hugs,

  8. Jan Kapple Klein says:

    hello, Greg, my brother

    Seeing these pics and ready your words reminds me of when we went to Israel over 10 years ago. I so long to go back …

    I miss you bro. Lots of love and hugs to Stephanie, you and all your babies. God’s richest to you

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