dating-love-and-sex“GOD’S DESIGN FOR DATING, LOVE AND SEX”

“Greg Denham speaks to today’s challenges with the fire of an Evangelist and the compassion of a Pastor. His new book, God’s Design for Dating, Love & Sex is contemporary and Biblical. I encourage you to read it.”
Pastor/Evangelist of Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside CA and Harvest Crusades
Greg Laurie

staying-on-target“STAYING ON TARGET”

“Read Staying On Target and Do it!”
Franklin Graham

“Greg Denham is a passionate and articulate communicator of the Gospel message for our generation today. In his book STAYING ON TARGET, he shares practical and applicable principles on how to be more effective in sharing the gospel message. I recommend it to you.”
Pastor/Evangelist of Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside CA and Harvest Crusades
Greg Laurie

“Every so often, a book comes along that is immediately readable and eminently helpful. STAYING ON TARGET is in this category. Buy a copy and read it and refer to it often. It will be life changing.”
“Truth For Life” radio program – Pastor/ Parkside Community Church, Chagrin Falls, OH
Alistair Begg

“The graced, concentric logic of Greg Denham’s STAYING ON TARGET is a marvelous gift from God for all who desire to share the Good News! A beautiful book.”
Senior Editor/Christianity Today Magazine – Pastor/College Church, Wheaton, IL
R. Kent Hughes

“In 26 clearly defined principles, Greg Denham helps us break through why we are often hesitant to share our faith. This challenging study will provoke conviction and provide scriptural resources enabling you to share your faith in Jesus clearly, confidently, and compassionately and boldly! STAYING ON TARGET was a blessing to read and I am happy to commend it.”
Crusade Director/Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Cliff Barrows

progress-plan“A PROGRESS PLAN”

“I highly recommend it!”
Horizon Christian Fellowship, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Dr. Bob Botsford

“…using vivid illustrations…a clear track to follow in our progress of the Christian life.”
Maranatha Chapel, San Diego, CA
Ray Bentley

“As a Pastor, this is a book I want all of my congregation to read.”
Clavary Chapel Santa Barbara, CA
Ricky Ryan

Greg also has penned the music and lyrics to numerous worship songs such as:

  • I’m Yours For Life (Maranatha)
  • I Stand By Faith (Collection)
  • Unchanging One (Collection)
  • Click here for others