Lily And I (Update #3)

Written by gregdenham on May 5th, 2010

Lily and I atop Mt of Olives:)

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  1. Eric Nixon says:

    Thanks so much for the photo looks like you two are having a wonderful time! May God bless You and continue to give you both a wonderful trip:)

    Eric Nixon 🙂

  2. Jim Mc Farland says:

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be more real to you and your family today than ever before. May He grant you such peace and blessings that you won’t be able to contain them. May He expand your sing to see most wondrous things from His law. May He so provide for you that you are amazed and inspired.
    Takje Joy my King – in my friend and His family- protect- secure- provide and be most gracious to them – they are yours and they ever live to glorify You- so be God to them, through them and around them while the are separate from us- and GRANT THEM SHALOM SHALOM !!!

  3. Barbara Reed says:

    Beautiful picture. Both of you and Lilly and the panoramic view behind you.


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