chucksmithPastor Chuck Smith
Pastor Chuck brought me on staff at CCCM at the age of 20, and gave me an extraordinary opportunity to grow, to be discipled and to prepare for the ministry. He took me to Israel which had a profound influence on my life and subsequently thousands of others (I’ll never forget walking Masada with him. It was just he and I. He had a shepherd’s sling in hand and we were throwing stones off the cliffs of Masada to the Judean sands below). He presided over our wedding. He dedicated “Little Greg” and Sarah. Pastor Chuck is a “spiritual father” to me (I Cor. 4:15) who embodied commitment to the explanation of the entire Bible, availability to the work of the Spirit, and demonstrated courageous and generous leadership.

Kent Hughes.
(Westminster Theological Seminary, 2015–present; Senior Pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL, 1979–2006)
Kent Hughes is a dear friend, and extraordinary human being(Barbara too!) – not to mention an exceptional expositor of God’s Word which has impacted the majority of my years of teaching, preaching and evangelism.

Mitch Glaser.
(President of Chosen People Ministries —
Mitch – get’s it! His message and life embody Romans 1:16-17! A dear friend and mentor and essential leader for today!

Dr. Michael Brown.
As far as I am concerned- a prophetic voice in our generation! Embodies compassion and truth. So grateful for Michael!

William Blackstone.
…whose mobilization of Christian support for a Jewish national homeland as early as 1891, five years before the publication of Theodore Herzl’s The Jewish State in 1897, motivated Jewish businessman Nathan Straus and Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandies, leaders of the American Zionist movement, to call Blackstone the “Father of Zionism.”

Greg Laurie
At the age of 18, I read the book, “Lectures To My Students!” written by Charles Spurgeon. I’ll never forget one of Spurgeon’s comments: “Mark those who woo sinner to Jesus, find out their secret, and never rest till you obtain the same power!” I am more than fortunate to know such a man, and one that I am proud to know as a friend.