Replacing Doubt With Faith

Written by gregdenham on September 18th, 2009

EVERYTHING that God has SAID is TRUE and WILL come to pass!  

The Lord wants us to BELIEVE this and when we do it is called faith and faith becomes the funnel through which God blesses our lives.

You can perhaps better understand why Scripture says, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Heb. 11:6)

Think about the NATURE of what takes place when you CHOOSE to believe something. It immediately sets your thinking in a particular direction. What a person believes influences how they perceive things and how they live.

For example, if the fire marshal ran into your office warning you of an approaching fire you would then face a decision whether to accept the threat or not. It impacts the direction of your thinking. If you disregard the warning, you remain in your office. If you believe the warning you run out of your office.

Can you see how “belief” triggers thinking, and thinking impacts your outlook and ultimately what you do?

Now, the OPPOSITE of faith is doubt! Doubt is the lack of assurance and confidence that God will keep His promises. Doubt is NOT believing what God will do. It is a choice to live in uncertainty.

Remember: EVERYTHING that God has SAID is TRUE and will COME to pass! The Lord wants us to believe this and when we do it’s called faith and faith becomes the funnel through which God blesses our lives. So, what are some of the promises God has given us that He wants us to believe and accept to be true?

#1 He will PROVIDE our NEEDS Phil 4:19 “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

#2 He will PROTECT us from ENEMIES Is 54:11 “No weapon formed against you shall prosper …”

#3 He will PROSPER us for our HIGHEST GOOD Ps 84:11”No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly…”

Every day your faith will be tested on whether God will PROVIDE, PROTECT and PROSPER your life. I encourage you, trust the Lord. Believe Him today. Accept His Word is TRUE! As you do, it will impact your thinking, your outlook and the way you live. When you believe him and His word you will “please” the Lord and experience His approval and blessing. 🙂

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  1. steve johnson says:

    That message truly blessed and convicted me! I have been going through serious attacks … This has been one of the most trying and troubling times of my life and has been a serious test of my faith …Please pray for me that I will accept the Lords will in this situation and trust him to place me where He wants me. Thank you for your committment to the Lord and your flock.

  2. Marilyn McMahon says:

    Dear Pastor Greg, I recently listened to the CD of this sermon on the way to my daughter’s house in the car. I was so blessed because it really hit the spot with me. I have been going through many testings like many of God’s children today and although there have been many painful moments, God has graced this time with many blessings also.
    When you don’t see me in church, I am found in the toddler’s room watching some of His precious little one’s. The new Women’s Bible Study that I have ‘patiently’ waited for has arrived and I do love studying the Word with my many sisters in Christ. I have made so many friends in this church that I am now having the faith that I am ‘one loved woman of God’. Thank you Jesus and thank you church.
    Thank you Pastor Greg for the ‘Faith’ message, I have been revived.
    Love in Jesus, Marilyn McMahon

  3. John seither says:

    Thank you for your committment to feeding the flock. Marci and I have been very blessed and encouraged by your teaching and preaching. Loved your stuff about idolatry last week and would love to share some thoughts with you about that subject. I had the opportunity to preach within the last year and I chose to preach on idolatry and coveteousness in our homes, our churches, and our nation.
    On “Replacing doubt with faith”, I’m always a little nervous about how this very good message and important truth gets twisted around by people to mean things the bible never intended. We are to glorify Him in all things and that sometimes means pain and suffering for the glory of God. Not a very appealing idea to most of us. But we are blessed if that is His will for us. The writings of Richard Wurmbrand have deeply challenged me in this area. Keep up the good work.
    John D. Seither

  4. Steve Arbour says:

    pastor greg you’re the best teacher I have ever heard. Keep up the good work!

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