Check It Out: YOU are a Nehemiah!

Written by gregdenham on October 22nd, 2009

You are a Nehemiah! We are ALL Nehemiah’s. Every Christian is a NEHEMIAH!

“Greg, that is not my name I don’t know what you’re talking about …”

Here’s what I mean:

 #1 The Lord called Nehemiah to make a contribution in his generation. We too have been called to build.

#2 Nehemiah’s work had to with Jerusalem. God called him to rebuild the broken down walls of Jerusalem. Our work has to do with Jerusalem in this way: Jesus is coming back to Jerusalem and we all play a role in this generation in getting people ready for the rule of the King in making the Gospel known.

#3 Nehemiah’s WORK was temporary but important to the big picture in the impacting generations to come. Our work is temporary, in fact, our “life” is temporary here on earth yet our contribution – though menial at times, is essential to the big picture and to a work that continues for eternity.

#4 There were forces that were against Nehemiah! This is true in our lives as well. All of us face a battle. The Bible says, “… we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” We need to understand this. The stakes are high. We need to learn what is necessary to be victorious.

#5 Nehemiah held onto the promises of God which provided the right direction for his life and the strength that he needed (see Neh. 2:20)

Again, you need to know: YOU are a NEHEMIAH!

But you also need to know that there is a devil who is opposing your life and work. He is not behind every bush of opposition and temptation. However, he is real and he is motivated.

When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem, two individuals who lived there, Sanballat and Tobiah, were very upset. Immediately, Nehemiah was in the cross-hairs of their scope. Similarly, as a Christian, you are a marked person. Sanballat and Tobiah wanted to weaken Nehemiah. They wanted to undermine his life and work in the care of the Jewish community. Neh 2:19 tells us that their initial method was the spearheading of a “misinformation campaign” by implying that Nehemiah’s leadership did not have the approval of the King. It was slander by insinuation. If true Nehemiah would be a traitor and anyone joining him would be committing treason.

It’s important to understand the temptation that Nehemiah faced at this point because by nature you will face a similar temptation. He faced the temptation to stop his great work and expend his energy on a public relations campaign to clear his name! The temptation he faced was the dividing of his focus and energy. The temptation he faced was to walk away from his chief objective of building the wall of Jerusalem. There was much at stake!

 Here’s the big picture …

 Building the walls of Jerusalem was the beginning of a great revival and awakening in Israel. The walls needed to be restored in order for the Temple to be fully operational, worship to be restored and God to be glorified. So, it was very important that Nehemiah, remain focused and disciplined on THE objective which was building the wall in Jerusalem.

If Nehemiah turned from building the wall and put his energy in answering slander with a public relations campaign justifying the integrity of his work, the enemy would have accomplished the goal of dividing Nehemiah’s focus.

Nehemiah would have been be expending energy on two fronts. He would have been divided and weakened, and the advantage would have gone to Sanballat and Tobiah. But Nehemiah chose to do what was right and profitable for God’s chosen people. He kept moving forward in his calling even in the face of personal attacks and the obstacles of ear and confusion.

 Remember, YOU are a Nehemiah. God has a calling on your life. There is a “WALL” the Lord wants you building. It’s the Gospel in this generation. It’s the ministry He has called you too. It’s your family! Beware, there is opposition to divide your attention and focus and weaken your resolve. Beware of the devil. He is real. Sanballat and Tobiah personified his influence. Today, may the Lord strengthen your hands. Build! Remember, YOU are a Nehemiah.

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  1. Michael says:

    There is a quote by William MacDonald, One Day at a Time, Gospel Folio Press, p. 24., that speaks on the topic of should the Christian be involved in Politics, but one could replace “politics” with any topic.

    “…Should I spend time in political involvement or should I devote that same time to the spread of the gospel? Jesus answered the question when He said, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:60). Our top priority must be to make Christ known because He is the answer to the world’s problems.”

  2. Diana Aoki says:

    Pastor Greg,

    We do bible study/service at our home twice a day.

    We read/studied the book of Nehemiah a month ago.

    I find this very interesting. I will print this out and read it to our family today!!!

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