Prayer For Pastor Rick Warren And Family

Written by gregdenham on April 9th, 2013

Please join me in prayer for Pastor Rick Warren and family.

Few understand the challenges and heart-ache that those who battle with depression and intrusive thoughts experience. Pastor Rick’s 27 year old son, Matthew, had been suffering for years and in a moment of despair took his life.

There are no words of sorrow and comfort that are adequate at a time like this, but we do have The Word which tells us that God is love and that in Christ there is redemption. And we have the assurance that the Lord God, Immanuel, is with Pastor Rick and his wife Kay and family.

Pastor Rick is a godly and incredibly generous man. I admire his servanthood, stewardship and vision to build bridges to make Jesus known. He has been incredibly kind to me on a personal level.

I ask the Calvary family to stand with Pastor Rick in prayer in his grief, and in the hope of the grace of Jesus that one day we’ll be reunited in Christ!

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