In Memory Of Harry Roach: A Legacy Maker!

Written by gregdenham on April 3rd, 2013

I have never known a man like Harry Roach.

For twenty four years I have had the privilege to pastor the church that he attended.

To understand Harry, you have to understand the vertical reality in his life. The Almighty? “Abba Father” to Harry.  It’s the core reason why — even at the age of ninety two — Harry visited the incarcerated in jail and called on the sick in homes and in hospitals. The truth is, Harry Roach was the “pastor-at-large” in the City of Auburn!

In many ways I’ve dreaded this day …

Not because of any theological or salvation concern. In fact, to say that we’ve “lost Harry” is not true. When you lose something you don’t know where it is. We all know where Harry is! He is in the presence of the King and reunited with his bride, Lois. I am convinced of that!  The reason for “dread” is because I knew that words would not be enough to adequately remember and honor him.

To hear Harry pray was like listening to a poet and prophet. Elegant expressions– yet powerful!

Harry’s prayers revealed intimacy, and an awe, of the Almighty! So authentic. So personal. So powerful. So undeniable! His prayers revealed deep “spiritual DNA” that as I listened to them, I often thought to myself, “this prayer is nothing short of a running dialogue with the Heavenly Father.”

But for me, his “voice” — was how he lived his life!

His voice was his deeds, priorities and his love in action. His voice was his consistency. His voice was his perseverance. His voice was his love for Jesus and his faith. Many would be surprised to know that Harry had unique physical limitations in his wrists and hands. Yet I’ve never known someone that did more good in personally touching peoples lives.

Because of these things I have to say, Harry Roach’s life, speaks for itself!

It speaks of the glory of the King that won his heart at the Cross. His life speaks of the grace of Jesus. His life speaks of a servant of the King who continues to worship and serve Jesus even as I write this.

Harry embodied the writing of the Apostle Paul who penned at the end of his life, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Tim. 4:7) He chose to expend his energy in the fight of faith, love, compassion, and in the community of Jesus Christ followers until his final breath. He is a Legacy Maker! He was, and is, a true “son” of the Father in Christ.

This Saturday, April 6th, at noon, we gather to give thanks to God for the incredible gift of life in the person of Harry Roach.

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  1. Mary Walls says:

    John and I will miss Harry and his prayers immensely. We last spoke with him about two Sundays ago; we said hi and he gave a beautiful little prayer for and to us. He was a rock in our church and his love and prayers will be missed (also his gum he gave to all the kids, even big ones). We love you Harry and we will see you again.

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