Written by gregdenham on December 5th, 2011

Thank you for stopping by to read the blog. I’ve wanted to write more but I’ve had a few computer and connection challenges(I’m pecking away on my IPhone). We are presently on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. This morning we’ll get on a boat and enjoy the lake and then visit Capernaum the City Matthew indentifies as “his city” in the North and during most of the Lord’s public ministry. This morning Stephanie and I awakened very early and sat on the shore of the lake facing East. We are very close to the 1st Century Magdela. I spent a lot of time thinking of when Jesus prepared breakfast for Peter and the others. After His resurrection He assured Peter of His love and the call the Lord had on Peter’s life despite his failure of denying Jesus in Jerusalem. We send our love and we are praying for you!!!

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  1. Dan Luper says:

    Greg, first time i have ever followed a blog ! What a blessing, wish i was there !

  2. Ramsey and Phyllis Thornley says:


    We are friends of Steve and Maggie Anderson. We told them that we would stay in touch with your Blog. Very impressed with the trip and the experiences that you folks are having. Sounds wonderful. Would love to see Steve and Maggie at one of the sites you will be visiting. We also have listened to your beautiful music and the messages that the music sends. You have a great voice in music and when you speak to your congregation.

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