What Does It Mean To Be Spirit Filled?

Written by gregdenham on October 14th, 2014

Ephesians 5:18

There is a clear contrast between being intoxicated and being Spirit filled.

While being intoxicated by alcohol is often accompanied with feelings of comfort, joy and courage, it is because inhibitions are removed and a person becomes blinded from the consequences of their actions. The fact is that intoxication, “numbs, dumbs and desensitizes” a person from reality.

On the other hand to be “filled with the Spirit”, is to experience true comfort, joy and courage – not because one has been numbed to reality – but because the Spirit reveals the greatest realities in life, in Christ.

The Spirit shines the truth of Christ into the human heart on a daily basis.  When a person is Spirit filled, there can be genuine comfort, joy and courage, and the heart then rises up in worship, song, thankfulness, contentment and in love towards others.

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