“We must show our decision for the truth by the sacrifices we are ready to make” Charles Spurgeon

Written by gregdenham on November 18th, 2015

I’m re-reading “Lectures To My Students” by Charles Spurgeon — and it is re-rocking my world (a quote from his book below)! May the weight of the truth of the plan of the Father in Christ shake our hearts and may our lips burn with the truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. The harvest is ripe and Jesus is Coming Soon!!!

“We must show our decision for the truth by the sacrifices we are ready to make. This is indeed the most efficient as well as the most trying method. We must be ready to get anything and everything for the sake of the principles which we have espoused and must be ready to offend our best supporters, to alienate our warmest friends, sooner than deny our consciences. We must be ready to be beggars in purse and offscourings in reputation, rather than act treacherously. We can die, but cannot deny the truth. The cost is already counted, and we are determined to buy the truth at any price, and sell it at no price. Too little of the spirit is abroad nowadays. Men have a saving faith and save their own persons from trouble; they have great discernment, and know on which side their bread is buttered; they are large-hearted, and are all things to all men, if by any means they may save a sum. There are plenty of curs about, who would follow at the heel of any man who would keep them in meat. They are among the first to bark at decision, and call it obstinate dogmatism, and ignorant bigotry. Their condemnatory verdict causes us no distress; it is what we expected.”

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