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Written by gregdenham on April 25th, 2009

I want to THANK THE CHURCH FAMILY for YOUR PRAYERS for myself and MY FAMILY at this time.


This last Sunday, the Lord totally blessed our services, and then Stephanie and I, along with Pete and Lily, hopped in the car for a LONG drive to Yakima, Washington, to attend the memorial service for Stephanie’s grandmother. It was a wonderful time with family — and a wonderful time of celebration that grandma McCormick was in HEAVEN with the Lord!


Last Saturday, our son, Greg – came down with a fever in the morning — yet went to practice and played a tough full contact scrimmage at UC Davis. I was so proud of his effort! However, the next day, he was hit in a different way, with a SERIOUS bout of pneumonia that left him with high fevers and sicker than he has ever been in his life. We’d deeply appreciate your prayers for him as he’s on the mend, and trying at the same time to balance school responsibilities, and spring football. And, also, please pray for Don Daniel – a precious brother in our church, and a dear personal friend, who is battling a SERIOUS infection and is in ICU! I will be visiting him this evening.


Thursday I traveled to southern California for a meeting and attended Greg Laurie’s Bible study in Irvine, Ca. It was a GREAT Bible study and I was so refreshed by the Word of God. And it was so wonderful seeing MANY pray to receive Christ! It was also great to have Sarah with me who came from Bible College. Friday we had lunch with pastor Greg which was such a great time of fellowship and inspiration. Please continue to pray for pastor Greg and his beautiful family as they are mourning the absence of their first born son, Christopher – AND, as he prepares for a crusade this month in South Dakota! After lunch, Sarah and I met with my good friend, pastor Steve Wilburn of Harvest Christian fellowship to discuss Steve coming to our church as a guest speaker Sunday, June 21st which I know the whole church will so enjoy! Speaking of Sarah, please pray for her, too, as she will be singing two songs Sunday night at Harvest Christian Fellowship. May the Lord JESUS be glorified and may the songs Sarah sings help prepare for the message that pastor Steve will give as he opens the Scriptures that evening.


Well, I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow’s time together. As you know, we’re currently studying the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50) so I better get back to studying J


But, one more thing, if you did the homework that I gave last week, I would love to HEAR FROM YOU, how the Lord used it in your life! It’s been a GREAT blessing to me to read Phil 4:4-13 – morning, noon and night. See you tomorrow! Greg J


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  1. Marsha L. Gallup says:

    He used it by guarding my heart and mind last Saturday. He took Bill and I to think on something lovely-beautiful wild flowers growing at 4,000 feet on Peavine Ridge-tar weeds, brown lilies and ceanothus seen under 8 X lens- to exclaim out loud “The Lord made these!” It was Him speaking through me. To think we were walking on Lava Cap-refiners fire had been there-God Himself.
    Praying for Greg’s health, Don’s healing and Greg Laurie’s torn heart. Greg,I need help outside myself. Back to the blog. Oh,this is embarassing. Would someone else please raise their hand with me. Thank you Paul!!!!!Marsha


    I raise MY hand … 🙂
    Blessing on you,

  2. Stephanie c. says:

    Pastor Greg,
    I think we should be the ones thanking you. You have done so much for the church. I appreciate how committed you are. You have taught me and many others about the word of God. I have grown much in the Lord because of your teachings. I know that God will richly bless you and your whole family for speeking the word of God. You have been a true blessing to our church and the Lord. we are blessed to pray for you any time. THANK YOU!!! stephanie c.


    You are so kind! Thank you for your warm words and encouragement. We send our love, Greg and Stephanie Denham

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