Teaching Philosophy At Calvary Chapel Auburn

Written by gregdenham on September 2nd, 2014

The teaching ministry of Calvary Chapel Auburn is expository in nature. This means that the teachings are text driven and, therefore, built solely from the foundation of the Scriptures.

Our objective, with the help of the gifting and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is to explain God’s Word, apply God’s Word, and give invitation to Christ, the Messiah, the one person to whom the whole Bible speaks! 

Therefore: We believe in verse-by verse-teaching, verse and verse teaching, and at times even spending the whole time on a single important phrase.

This means… that we will study a book of the Bible “verse by verse” or we will study a passage of Scripture in an expository manner, while we remain steadfastly committed to study and proclaim the Gospel — the good news — the “testimony of Jesus”, which is the sole purpose of all of the prophecy of the Bible!

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