Pray That The Lord Would Be Really Big To You!

Written by gregdenham on May 14th, 2015

(The following encouragement is based on Romans 4:17-22 which is a great read!)

Abraham knew he was weak in body. He knew he was frail. He also knew his wife Sarah was past child-bearing age.

It would have been very difficult for Abraham to find confidence in life in his circumstances.

However (and this is key): Abraham did not project his own frailty upon God!

This tells us that being fully aware of own weaknesses – yet having vision of the greatness of God is more than compatible. What Abraham did was compartmentalize his own weaknesses to keep it from obscuring his view of who God really is!

I ask, “Do you feel weak?” “Are you aware of your own frailty at this time in your life?” “Are circumstances super difficult?”

Your faith, can still be strong like Abraham’s was.

During these “Ten Days of Prayer” I encourage you to pray, “ I know I am weak but you are strong. Lord, fill my heart with the bigness of who You are!” The Lord will bless you because Hebrews 11:6 reads, “Without faith it’s impossible to please God and they that come to Him must believe that He is, and He is rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!”

Abraham “was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform.” (Romans 4:20-21)

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  1. Tim Franken says:

    super encouraging blog – praise the Lord!!

  2. Neil says:

    The text updates are great. May the Lord bring a REVIVAL!!!

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