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Written by gregdenham on March 27th, 2009

gregchuckHere’s a picture of Pastor Chuck Smith and myself. Can you believe that Pastor Chuck is now 82 years of age? He looks fantastic and he is sharp as can be.

I wrote about Pastor Chuck’s influence in my life which you can read about if you are interested under “Influences” in the above tab on the blog.

Well, I’m getting ready for our Marriage conferance that begins tonight with special musical guest Evan Wickham. I’m excited. Would you join Stephanie and I as we pray for a GREAT outpouring in the lives of couples in our church.

 And, I can’t wait to see EVERYONE Sunday morning.

Studies in the life of Joseph (Gen. 37-50) have been life changing. If you have been unable to make the last few weeks I highly encourage you to access the messages on Sunday morning from our website. I’m sensing the Lord’s favor and blessing on our time together and expect great things that the Lord will continue to do in our lives and church family.

Blessings, Greg

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  1. Mike and Sue Walker says:

    Dear Greg & Stephanie: We have been so very blessed by the Marriage conference this weekend. Both of you have such love &
    insight into parenting & families and your “Top 12 List” will be passed around to all of our children and Grandchildren. We felt so connected to the other couples as we all sang, laughed, prayed, cried and and spent time sharing Gods wisdom, and how it all “begins at home”. Thank you both for the journey into becoming a “legacy Maker” in our family. We have much to do and God will guide us. We have been blessed. Love, Sue and Mike

  2. Seralynn Lewis says:

    Pastor Greg!
    We have finally arrived in Germany and we are just getting settled and have not yet found a church home, not to mention that we don’t yet speak enough German to understand, so we are looking for an English-speaking church that teaches from the Word of God. Having said that, I am so blessed and grateful to have access to your messages. I have particularly enjoyed the Joseph messages because he is one of my favorites from the OT. All of us can learn something from him. I also have enjoyed the recap on the blog. It allows me to focus on your message when I’m listening to it and still get the notes because I can just copy & paste to a word document and have the notes without taking the notes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

    I look forward to more OT teachings!


    GREAT to hear from you! So glad you made it safely. We already miss you … Greg and Stephanie 🙂

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