Let’s “Give It Up” For Father’s!

Written by gregdenham on June 15th, 2010

THIS SUNDAY is “Father’s Day” and I want to make it clear that I, along with millions of others, thank God for not just a man in the house, but a father! 

It’s been said that we are in danger of becoming a “Fatherless Society!” Experts say that due to a lack of father figures in the home the past 30 years has seen:

550% increase in Violent Crime

400% increase in Illegitimate Births

200% increase in Teen Pregnancies

300% increase in Teen Suicide

More that 70% of all juveniles in state reform institutions come from fatherless homes.

One of the earmarks of a godly father is they spend TIME with their children. We’ve all heard the term “quality time” but it’s a myth. What is needed is quantity of time! Love is spelled, T-I-M-E.

It’s my prayer that there will be a generation of young men who envision a godly family beginning in their teens! May a generation of young males understand that the most important legacy that they will leave begins in the home!

Let’s “Give it up” for the father’s out there who love the Lord, love their wife, and love their children and grandchildren!

And, I’d like to encourage all husbands and father’s who are reading this blog – make spiritual discipline and the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ the chief priority of your life — and one way you can demonstrate this is by leading your family to church!

See you this Sunday, it’s Father’s Day:)

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  1. Jeff Martin says:

    Amen!!! Amen!!!

  2. Eric Nixon says:

    Can’t wait for Sunday!!

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