Jim Cymbala’s new book

Written by gregdenham on May 28th, 2015

Reading the new book by Jim Cymbala entitled, “Storm!”


It was recommended by my friend Raul Ries.

The below quotes remind me of one of our main points from Sunday’s message (at the culmination of our ten days of prayer) entitled “It’s all about Jesus”..

May the Holy Spirit bring renewal and revival!

“If congregations are mainly prayerless and show little hunger for God’s Word or his presence, why would we want to make that a new paradigm? Why would we want any solution that doesn’t emulate the church Jesus began in the book of Acts?”


“Our problem is not with a godless, secular America, but with a church that is increasingly prayerless, compromised, demoralized, and weak. We have drifted away from the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Where will we find the grace to change? To turn things around?
When will we be desperate enough to come to God just as we are, pleading for his help and ready to follow wherever he leads?
In many places now, it seems we would rather blame the culture, the school system, the government, and the media rather than examine our own spiritual condition.
Let’s be contemporary and let’s be current, but let’s also be anchored on Christ and his Word. Instead of “reinventing” ourselves, maybe we should rediscover God’s plan for his church. Instead of depending on our limited IQs and concepts of clever marketing, let’s humble ourselves and say, “Come, Holy Spirit, and bless in a new way the work we do for Jesus.”

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