“I’m trying to figure out God’s will for my life!”

Written by gregdenham on February 17th, 2010


“I’m trying to figure out God’s will for my life.”

Have you ever said that?

I’m sure you have. We all have!

But what is God’s will? Should we think in terms of specific blueprint that we are to find and follow? And, if so, if we were to step out of God’s will, can we get back into it or is it too late? How detailed is the will of God for our lives?  What’s the difference between God’s Sovereign Will and God’s Moral Will? Are there some decisions in life that God leaves to us? Is God a micro-manager or a Shepherd-King? Aahh only some of the questions we’ll be answering!

As you know, we’re studying the book of James on Sunday morning (fast becoming one of my most favorite books!). And, now, we’re entering chapter four of James that specifically addresses the will of God. Is there a more important subject?

I really encourage you to study with us as we grow in the subject of God’s will for our life — and invite some friends too! Let them know that we’re beginning a series on “How Can I know The Will Of God For My Life!” You never know – for them, experiencing God’s will for their life may begin by turning to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord!

God wants you to experience His will! He’s not keeping it a mystery.

See you Sunday!

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  1. John Seither says:

    Great topic and very relevant. I struggled as a young husband and father with knowing God’s will. I lived with the fear you mentioned in this morning’s message, that I might somehow miss a signal and take a wrong turn and not be able to undo the mistake. The Lord brought me great comfort finally by teaching me about his sovereignty. His will is not going to be thwarted in our lives by our poor sight or hearing. When we walk in obedience to Him, then the proverb is true,”The heart (mind) of a man plans his way; but the Lord directs his steps.” He will have His way in our lives, despite ourselves. It really is all about who we are becoming in Christ on a daily basis. The rest takes care of itself. Or to put it another way; When we’re obedient to the Lord and yeilding to His will in the areas He has made very clear to us, we can also be confident that His Spirit is directing our steps in every other area. Hosea, Samson, Joseph, all are examples of God directing circumstances to accomplish His purposes. Samson was not the way we want to choose. He forfeited peace, joy, and many other things in his life due to his disobedience, but God had His way nevertheless. Hosea had a difficult time but I don’t see where he was disobedient. We need to look no farther than the Lord Jesus who is “our example in all things” to see that obedience and being in the will of God doesn’t mean things will be easy. That will come once we’re in heaven where “the former things will be forgotten, nor will they come to mind.”

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