Fall Forward: Restart.Revive.Renew!

Written by gregdenham on August 12th, 2011

FALL FOWARD: Restart.Revive.Renew.

What’s dominating world headlines recently?

America’s financial debt is paralyzing growth and progress! People are fearful! Stuck. Parked. In a rut!

But contrast this with Christianity.

In Christ there is no spiritual debt before God. The nature of our position in Christ carries with it an explosive potential of growth, progress and redemption. The skies are open to us. And the Lord is not finished with us.

As your pastor I’m passionate to see you blessed! I-want-you-to-be-blessed!! I want you to know Christ. Experience Christ. Grow in Christ. And enjoy the blessings that God has already given you in life.

So I’m going to ask something of you …

As your pastor who loves you, I’m going to ask that you do your best to prioritize the Sunday Services each week between Sept 4th – Nov. 6th. Do your best to be in town and attend services on these Sunday’s. Why?

For 10 weeks we will give the Lord our attention and devotion while being instructed in His Word and open our hearts to His Spirit as we focus on:

** “How To Grow When Alone With God?” 

** “How To Win The Battle That Is Against You?” 

** “How Grace Changes Everything?” 

** “How To Experience Resurrection Power?” 

to name just a few …

Each week I will provide notes for you to take home and incorporate in your time of meditation, reflection and prayer so that your time spent on Sunday morning’s are maximized in your life.

Much of the world is amidst a recession, but I believe this will be a time that you will experience resurrection power. Our world faces huge debt issues but I believe in your life it will be a season of experiencing the wealth in Christ. Our world is paralyzed by fear and uncertainty — but I believe that you will experience freedom and new beginnings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Why do I believe this?

Because I believe the Lord will graciously bless us with His presence in a fresh and generous gifting of His Spirit, a fresh outpouring from Him! Because Jesus is True and God’s Word is sure!

You are in my heart and prayers!


Pastor Greg


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